Miss Fortune and Sir Prize

December 15, 2017
By The_Rain-cloud_Poet GOLD, Olympia, Washington
The_Rain-cloud_Poet GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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She was his Miss Fortune
He was her Sir Prize
And they met one dreary night
underneath a storm blue sky

He wore a golden suit
Trimmed with silken silver
And she a dress of deep
Though dark, was soft as chilver

They danced the fog away
From the stony ground around
They danced and danced till the next day
And sunlight did abound

They left as dawn came
Leaving the court of mist
Tired of this teasing game
They gave one last kiss

It was like they never were
And no one knows for sure
If it really happened
All that was left was
the grass that was flattened

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