Why am I not good enough?

November 30, 2017
By ThaliaVest BRONZE, Arlington, Massachusetts
ThaliaVest BRONZE, Arlington, Massachusetts
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Why am I not good enough?

One take a shower. You don’t want to smell!

Two pick out an outfit that will fit in with the latest trends and won’t make you the laughing stock of the school. Which you know you already are.

Three put on some makeup. So that you can actually show your face in public and be a little bit pretty.

Four don’t forget to style your hair in elegant curls. Heaven forbid you are seen with your hair that frizzes like you’ve been electrocuted.

Five shove your big feet into those small blood blistering convers that everyone else is wearing. Because you cannot be the odd one out if your life depended on it.

Why am I not good enough?

Six get off the bus and hope no one saw you get off that filthy, crowded bus.

Seven find a group of people to walk to class with because it would be totally humiliating to walk to class alone. You don’t even like these people they talk bad about others and act like they're the top dog. But hey they're the popular group and you just want everyone to like you.

Eight get your work done. This is the only thing you're good at. These A+ make you a nerd, geek, or even a dork. But don’t worry as long as it doesn’t come from the popular group you're still considered safe.

Nine end of the day get ready for bed.

Ten get your pajamas. Thinking wow did I get fatter today. I wish I had her perfect hair, her straight white teeth, and her body.

Why am I not good enough?

Eleven take out your hair. When all you can think of is how your gonna fix this train wreck on your head tomorrow.

Twelve take off your make-up. After its all off you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror without criticizing how ugly you think you really are.

Thirteen get into bed so that you can fall asleep so you don’t get those big, bulgy, saggy under eyes in the morning.

Why am I not good enough?

Society makes girls think that we’re not good enough. We have to wear makeup so that we’re presentable. We have to wear those tight black pants and a shirt that makes us look skinny. But really society should be telling us that we should stay true to who we are because we are good enough!

The author's comments:

I wrote this because I went to a field trip about empowering girls. This made a lightbulb go off in my head. I decided to write this poem towards girls mainly but also boys. These people should understand that they are good enough. They should just be true to themselves.

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