Celestial Visionary

November 28, 2017
By Starstuddedgirl SILVER, Clayton, Illinois
Starstuddedgirl SILVER, Clayton, Illinois
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I push myself, to breathe in,


breathe out,


the waves of star-tipped galaxies come cascading across the 

midnight sky,


they envelop the world so much so that it's as if i could reach up

and drag my fingertips through their silky tendrils,


everything is asleep,


let loose from the imminence of another tomorrow,


i am within my own dream world,


hidden inside the fold of a billion years,


erased from the past, the present, 


even what yearns to continue on,


i have amassed a thousand lives in the pocket of this nowhere



lying in the softness of my bed,


i am here,


blood flowing endlessly through my veins as if time hasn't



but i am not present,


my body is but a vision of my full authenticity,


i am far away,


floating across the great expanse of universe,


that would seem to be right outside my window.

The author's comments:

This poem embodies how I feel whenever I lie awake at night, staring at the stars outside my window. Every time the stars come out, I can't help being filled with awe at their vastness and how large the universe is. I've always been a lover of the night sky, and this poem really sums up how I feel when I stargaze.

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