Puzzled Within

November 28, 2017
All I can think about when I envision the sweet taste,

Of otherworlds and deep-down oceans,

The great savannahs of time stretching across my back,

The way oceans burst and waves of ultramarine come


Right through the irises in my eyes,

A thousand deserts sprinkling,

Their tentacles of soft dust through my hair,

All I can think about,

Is that I am a planet,

Merged into my own galaxy of a billion stars,

A supernova built from every piece of a puzzle,

The brazen poppies I picked out of my backyard every year,

Trees that begged to be climbed,


Mind and soul lured by the encapsulation,

Brought by the page-stuffed binds of a book,

Christmas blizzards followed by the softness,

Of a movie, all wrapped up in swathes of warmth,

Soft cheese-coated pizza on a Friday night,

Board games and losses and sometimes,

Maybe tears,

Things that beg to be forgotten, left out,

All alone in the cold,

To wither away on the desolate outskirts of my mind,

Little things all put together, minuscule in their importance,

Conspiring to create what could only be me.

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