Identity Piece

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

My identity is an important part of me. My name is something that describes me and my identity. My name is Gray Sassetti. To me my last name sounds a little French but that’s just what I think. My name is spelled just like the color gray which annoys me a lot because most people think Gray’s spelled with an a not an e


I’ve been pressured by people on more than one occasion but never too severely. I haven’t really been excluded too much but at my old school things got out of control for team making more than once. If I’m in a group and they exclude someone then I usually just walk away. I don’t think exclusion is a good thing in fact it’s actually really bad. Exclusion is a thing that can make a lot of people feel like they’re not important and that no one likes them which isn’t okay. And a lot of people can get in trouble. I feel like I’m a person who dislikes excluding and think that it’s an important part of my identity.



I am proudly in the Gameish religion with some fellow gamers in the class. Gameish is a simple religion which is split into a couple different gaming groups. We are the exact opposite of Amish because we have to use electricity for our gaming devices. Being in the gameish religion requires you to have gaming experience so that we don’t have any noobs. The Gameish are friends with the Kellerbolotists and the Gannonists because we share the same beliefs. The gameish beliefs are that gaming is a great religion for all gamers alike. Gameish is an amazing religion and is a great thing that all gamers should join and just have fun. In the Gameish religion we value humor and friendship.  

My name’s Gray and I like going outdoors. I play sports outside and I bike outside so the outdoors is pretty awesome. If I was forced to stay inside I would go insane. I’m a guy who really likes the outdoors. I have a lot of traits but the one I chose was how much I love the outdoors and how much time I spend outside. When I’m outside I feel really free. I think that the outdoors is an amazing place where I spend a lot of ti

These are all important parts of my identity  and good things to know about me. I also think that these are good things to know about me so that if something happens with me you might understand better.

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