November 9, 2017

Should i do what i’ve been taught or make my own way. Should i block myself in or not.
Should i not tell anyone what’s going on with me. Should i run and hide or should i face my demons. Should i “Disappear” or stay a little bit longer. Am i worth the pain or not. I feel as if i stay things for my friends would only get worse. Maybe i should go because i feel unwanted and the only reason i’m still here is because of the girl i love. If she wasn’t here i would have nothing left to live for.

I’m glad no one is watching me. I just want to be held and not forgotten about. I want someone to hug me tight and not let go. Maybe i should go and not return. I want to cry but i can’t let anyone see my weakness. If i go i’ll lose her, but if i stay i’ll go insane. It’s between go insane or lose the most important thing in my life. She doesn’t realize how valuable she is to me.

If i kill my demons then there will be no way to protect the people i love, but if i don’t there's a chance they’ll be hurt by ME. I don’t want them hurt. And i’m trying to hold back the pain i held in for so long, but if i let it out someone will get hurt. Am i better off dead. Am i better off a quitter.
I know what love truly feels like because i’ve seen what it can do both the good and the bad.

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