Sometimes I Feel Like Dying

November 11, 2017
By DicipleofChrist PLATINUM, Eaton, Colorado
DicipleofChrist PLATINUM, Eaton, Colorado
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Sometimes I feel like dying
We laugh at it like it’s a joke
And, maybe so,
For if you think life’s a laugh,
And blood is really ketchup stains,
Then what is fear but mind?
Psychology taught us good is life and life is good,
And death is death quite simply
I thought it was more than that,
More to say that words of worthlessness,
For surely no one hears but God,
And no one cares besides Him
And yet that hurts,
For I wish love for myself and therefore hate the thought of love
Even though it calls and I spit in its face,
For I cannot face it with this face
That’s what I say in my mind
Sometimes I feel like dying
We talk about it often, but it is satire,
And after all, why did the chicken cross the road
Because he couldn’t take it
And so I feel this thing I wish I never had to breath,
Oh to take in dirt, right in my lungs, as it was
Sometimes I feel like dying because there seems  no way,
And yet I know there is but cannot feel one
And so I breathe
The blood isn’t real, and the burns are just plastic
The bruises and cuts are makeup, so what have I to fear?
Death is not real, I’ve seen so much everyone would be dead if it were
Oh the thoughts that cross my mind,
To ache at night to fear a demon when surely
God’s angels guard the hairs upon my head
Yes, I know the power, yet I fear,
Oh God why do I fear?
I wish to breathe in breath that is not water
Yet it chokes my heart and not my lungs,
I feel the pain of empty
Emptiness be full!
Oh the thoughts I think do betray me
Reality has prodded me with tricky hands,
I wish to know its skullduggery
Sometimes I feel like dying
Dear God I know You are more than this
Dear God I know you bled to bring me out of this
Dear God I know You are
Help me feel like not dying,
Help me breathe like I ought,
Help me stop this bleeding,
Oh dear God please heal my heart

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