2:00 a.m- a short collection of poetry.

November 21, 2017
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girls you have to support your sisters even the

one who can’t support her own weight because

her legs are too busy trembling even the

one who dons her eyeliner like battle armor even

the one with a penis even the one with buzzed

hair and boxer briefs even the one who refuses to do her part

because the universe created us differently but

but we are all the same inside our souls and once we

are in harmony with one another we are

a wildfire.

-when we are lit we cannot be contained.




your parted lips drip with venom and

the false confessions of love that were once etched into my skin

i won’t let you in

not anymore because

my body is my home

and you made me feel

like a guest.

-I am a force to be reckoned with.



when you tell me I fight like a

girl my chest swells with pride because

we carry lipstick in one pocket and

a dagger in the other we are dangerous and

we are wild.

-don’t you dare forget it



the only time I've really

felt alive was when

I gazed into your

universe eyes.

-I've discovered that the universe is really big.


you asked me,

"do you know how I know I'm alive?"

I shake my head.

"I feel your heartbeats. And, I count them. As many as I can, because, in that moment, I feel alive and I never want it to end."

-i exist i exist i exist


there isn't a single thing

about you

that I wouldn't want to

be a part of.

-let me in through the window


one day I wanna

wake up and

see the history

on our faces.

-signs of love and loss


you have flowers in

your veins and a

garden in

your soul.

-bloom, my darling.



you cannot try

to deny me

the simplest pleasures

of being enough.

-how dare you



i may be fragile

but i am not


-my tears are poison



a woman’s body is

not your territory and

should definitely not have to

be her battleground.

-it is a flowerbed



body shaming is like

plucking a daisy from a garden

full of flowers and

getting angry because

it is not a rose.

-all nature is beautiful.



this pen is writing with

ink and

the sweat and tears and emotions

my body is too fragile

to hold.

-my heart is heavy



cherish yourself

before anyone else

can come along to

do it for you.

-you are worthy of the world.



true love can be found inside of a single

glance it's a forever glance it’s

universe eyes; it’s the infinite amount

of hidden stars you can find inside a pair of

pupils it’s love

unwavering love.

-once you have it never let it go



black lives matter and

they won't stop mattering as long 

as their hearts are intact as long

as their minds are alight with happiness with

sorrow with empathy.

-they matter because they're human.



my sadness isn’t beautiful it’s nights of screaming
into pillows it’s unwashed laundry it’s
dirty dishes left in the sink it’s breaking promises I knew I shouldn’t have made in the first place it’s lashing
out on the people who love me the most in this world it’s not showering for a week because I can’t stand to see the sight of my body naked
my sadness
isn’t meant to be beautiful or practical it isn’t made to fit
your mold of what’s valid and what’s not it
isn’t relatable it isn’t courageous it is cowardice it
isn’t visible but
it is harboring under my skin it is festering like wounds left untreated inside my chest it is quiet
it is a force so powerful it leaves my lungs empty and my bones cold it drains me of my energy to care
it is not beautiful
and I am not strong because I have it I am strong because I
am learning how to break free from it I am
strong because I am learning how to love myself in midst of it I am strong because I am learning how to heal from it and I think that’s
the best thing I can do.

-stop romanticizing mental illness.



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