Self Love.

November 21, 2017
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Self love is a complex thing. Yet it seems glaringly simple; just take the things you like about yourself, and go from there. Plant them in soil, like the seedlings of a flower.

You will watch this love grow slowly, but steadily all the same. You will eagerly await the arrival of spring, as the stem becomes taller and taller.

Until one day, it suddenly stops.

And blooms.

When your flower of love sprouts, it's array of colors opening up to your patient eyes, every doubt you've ever had will vanish into the spring air; it's relevance gone but it's importance not forgotten.

You will suddenly love the way your body curves into the figure of an hourglass, with an infinite amount of time and chances left to offer.

You will appreciate your stretch marks, your scars, your birthmarks. You will renown them, just as you did your worth.

Just as you did your petals, your roots.

You will take pride in having one crooked tooth, in having hair that does everything and nothing all at once because they're a part of you.

And you will feel so beautiful.

All of these things, these factors that you once hated will one day become a part of yourself that you will love endlessly.

The seemingly ugly things about your body that made you turn the lights off in the shower things that once seemed like they were everything will turn into nothing.

You will trace over your imperfections with the tips of your fingers, eyes closed in complete and utter bliss.

Complete and utter acceptance.

One day, you will stare out into the vast ocean that you once wanted to take you far, far away, and think to yourself,

dear God, I made it.

That glorious day might not be now, and that's okay. You're okay.

Because you still have seeds.

You still have soil.

You still have hope, no matter how small the amount may be.

Hold onto these seeds, this soil.

This hope.

Hold onto them during the harsh winter, when all you want to do is etch mountains and valleys of sadness into your skin.

Hold onto them until you feel the sun beat down on your head.

Hold onto them until the sun is kind to you again.

Then, then, you can plant them.

And after this one beautiful flower of love blooms, you will find yourself wanting to plant more.

And more,

and more.

Until you have a garden, colorful and lovely, on the edge of the planet you once felt undeserving to live on.

Continue to grow, continue to blossom.

Continue to love yourself, wholly and without exceptions,

because you are the most deserving of it.

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