Honeycomb Homes

November 18, 2017
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Bees live in honeycombs
Me? I live in two homes
If home is where the heart is
I have one split apart


Bees fly between hives and flowers
We drive between houses within the hour
Addresses pass by in our car windows
Winds blow the night’s black dress
Bright street lights adorn her mourning
Mourning for a home


All morning glories are flowers but
Not all flowers are morning glories
All homes are houses but
Not all houses are homes


When your feelings
Have been replaced with painful stings
Bees die as a sacrifice to suffice
The ringing of the doorbell
Is your final whispered farewell
You begin to step in
To out of the darkness
Only now you wear the night’s black dress


Home is where the heart is
I live in two houses but
I have lost my way home

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