November 10, 2017

The world seems darker when the sun's out,

And when you're around,


It's funny,

You can't seem to reach out anymore,

Not to the roses on your porch, 

Or to the rain as it falls in the patterns



You have a broken pencil,

And a sechdule that drowns the life at you,

You can feel it wraping chains around your feet


And is it just me, or have you faded a bit;

You're not good at lieing anymore,

And your scent is a bit faded,

But you wear the same clothes, just to pretend


And is it just me, or are your eyes really a different color?

And is your hair really just another color now,

Am I the only one who thinks you used to shine the brightest


And maybe you still do,

Maybe your eyes have always been absent to me, and I'm just getting confused,

And maybe your physical appearance really hasn't changed, and I'm over-reacting

And I'd only know these things

If you still talked to me

And I'll never know why you stopped

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