I Wonder

November 10, 2017
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I stand beside my window


Before i go to sleep

I wonder how many people

See the same sky as me

I wonder if their like me

And count the stars each night

Or if they stand and feel alone

In their own personal fight

I wonder do they stand there

Just to feel the breeze

Or do they have to look around

At all the beauty

I wonder can they smell the rain

The scent i love the most

Or do they smell nothing at all

Not in tune with their nose

I wonder do they wonder

If there’s any other life

Or do they just believe that we

Are just wasting our time

I wonder do they feel alone

As i do most of my days

Do they ever feel misunderstood

No matter what anyone says

I wonder do they feel the pain

The one that won’t release

Do they ever feel a change

That’s coming soon is near

I wonder as i look upon

All of the twinkling stars

Does anyone feel afraid

But hides all of their scars

I wonder am i the only one

That ever feels ashamed

For feeling what i feel inside

With no one else to blame

I wonder why i'm so rejected

When no one knows my pain

Am i the only one feeling infected

By anger no one can drain

I wonder does anyone else feel tired

Left out to dry in the rain

Does anyone know why i'm inspired

To help those hurting without intent to gain

I wonder as i look at the stars

The dying balls of gasses

And hope that someone out there in the world

Knows just how i feel

Needing someone real

Til all of this sadness passes

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