Rape Culture

October 28, 2017
By CrimsonbutterflyA SILVER, Burney, California
CrimsonbutterflyA SILVER, Burney, California
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At six years,

he helps a little girl up after she falls and he's called,

"Momma's little man."

At ten years,

he's holding hands with his friend

who is a girl

and he's called names. His father tells him

he needs to

"Man up"

and can't hang around


At thirteen years,

he's never dated and he's called


his father is telling him he needs to

"Bulk up"


"Man up"

At fifteen,

he's cat-calling and

disrespecting the girls at his school

and the school does


He's called

"Hot stuff"

At eighteen,

There's a drunk girl in his bed

but he lets her sleep

and the next morning he's told

he should have gone for it

and he's called


At twenty-one,

he goes for it,

and he's called


The author's comments:

There's a huge stigma about how a "manly" man should be, and it all piles on through the years until little boys that thought holding hands was as bad as it could get go to men who laugh in the face of rape and rape culture, even claiming it doesn't exist.

But it does.

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