Thoughts From an Old Forest

October 25, 2017
By schmophie BRONZE, Austin, Texas
schmophie BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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This forest has seen it all.

Those running as part of a game,
and those running for their survival.

The looks that hold nothing,
and the looks that hold an entire universe.

It has seen the stars sparkling in the night sky against a backdrop of dark blue and black and purple and felt the gentle pattering of rain on its leaf- covered ground, heard the last rattling breath of a dying man who didn’t run fast enough.

It has tasted the salt of sweat and the blood of hard labor.

But it has never seen this-
a tower of heat and flames,
glowing bright orange and translucent blue,
stinking of fear and smoke,
eating its surroundings and making others fall with a single touch-
not with courage,
or strength,
or a yell of defiance,
but pure, unadulterated fear and hatred.

This forest has seen many things and felt several others,
it decided,
but it never wanted to feel this way again.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this when I was exploring the west coast of the US. We saw beautiful redwoods and expansive oceans, and it made me think about what all had happened on those shores and beneath the trees- entire centuries might have unfolded and they would have seen them all. 

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