October 6, 2017
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Active imaginations result in amazing creations.
    The girl made an abstract sketch in her notebook.
Amazing creations result in lots of inspiration.
    She gave the sketch a storyline.
A lot of inspiration results in big dreams.
    She realized she wanted to make that story into a book.
Big dreams result in others being mean.
    Her father wanted her to do something else with her life.
Others being mean results in rebellions that are foreseen.
    The girl ignored her father's wishes and stole his typewriter.
Rebellions that are foreseen result in popular stories.
    The story became a New York Times Best Seller.
Popular stories result in history lessons in school.
    Her novel became a school’s Summer Reading book.
History lessons in school result in daydreaming.
    A boy wasn’t interested in the book, and was drawing in his notebook.    
Daydreaming results in an active imagination.
    He wanted to give his sketch a storyline.

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