A Series of Events

November 5, 2017
By , Pilot Point, TX

when she was seven

she had only one friend who, 

upon returning, was no longer hers. 


because when she was six

she had no friends

in a foreign country. 


when she moved again, 

mommy told her,

"you'll make new friends

please don't worry." 


and she didn't. 


everything was fine. 


when she turned ten she

had a party with schoolmates

who later puked green mashed potatoes

and said they had 


fun anyway. 


and when she was eleven 

she cried at night 

'cause she tried too hard

to recover from plastic people.


at thirteen she left 

only to come back once again-- 

this time there was a friend 

waiting for her return. 


the following year that friend 

put schoolwork first and

left her to self-inflicted pain. 


she kept it hidden. 


everything was fine. 


the same year she spent 

most of her time bewildered

because, "what did I do wrong


this time?"


by the end of that year 

it was bad to have 

strong morals like her.


and by the time high school started, 

she was told countless times, 

"I'm so sorry I had no idea.

I'll always be here for you."


she believed a few of them. 


everything was fine. 


still fourteen, she did not like

to fool around in the back of a

car or go to parties where it happened.


and it was not a compliment when 

her best friend called her 

"too Godly" and "too innocent" 

over the phone with imagined

ringing laughs. 


but she made it through the year 

because even still


everything was fine.


at fifteen she was left because

girlfriend trumped friend

and she was the latter, 


and at sixteen 

her insanity somehow

became tangible. 


everything is fine. 

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