For Kiana

October 13, 2017
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 I could swear it's in those eyes.

They're like the great attractor. The space anomaly whos mass draws me and everything near us closer to you. Gravitating me at millions of miles per hours. And I just i can't get enough of them. As as i feel your pull, im reeled in by much more.

       Truth is you’ve changed me in ways you wouldn't even imagine.

I won't be on the dark side of the moon anymore, and neither will you.
        Because you were the light that let me see.
       And I promise, i'll be the atmosphere that will burn up anything that dares try to come close to beautiful you.

       You reinvented the term “love” for me.

               As a consequence, you made me feel like i've reached a certain Nirvana, in which we live in a blissful state of mind. Where the population is just us two.

I'm over that corny, “i love you to the moon and back” s***.

       Truth is i was never on it.  I don't love you from here to the moon, but rather from here to the universe.
Because even if we wanted to go back, we can't.
The constant black holes are always  trying to suck us up
But us two?
We’re two out of the 1 Quinquavigintillion atoms
Who manage to escape everytime.
             The neverending expansion of the universe and my love for you are side by side.

There is no limit, No end. Just cosmic supernova, stars and the infinite amount of galaxies.

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