The Leo's Darkness

November 3, 2017
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I once knew a leo so addicted to darkness
That she kissed him,
Touched his bare lips with her flaming ones,
And was cooled by the deadened charcoal veins
Under the armour of his skin.


His light was the glow of the moon,
A mere reflection of the Sun that she had grown accustomed to.
She thought the chill of the night would end,
That the sky would lighten into a gradient of orange and red. 
But the shadows would not be lifted from her dark daydream.


The graveyard’s skeleton key slipped through her fingers,
It dropped into a grave laced with silken webs.
As she reached into the pit where her beloved lied, he beckoned to her.
Horrifyingly, he became a captivating and grotesque spider,
Taking her into his arms with lethal passion and possession.


The leo was forced into a spiralling tunnel buried beneath the gossamer screen,
Falling deeper and deeper into the horrible taunt of his darkness.
She had been lied to until it was too late to turn back,
To run past the cemetery gates,
And escape the clutches Death had put around her once-plump body.


She became a handmaiden to the deep,
An unwilling servant of decay and melancholy.
Until she strove to break off the bonds around her bones,
She was unmoving, afraid, and comfortable with the darkness.
But she threw off the chains one link at a time.


The desperate leo held on to a glowing torch,
That, with every step forward, glowed brighter, like a shard of sunlight. 
Her resilient flame thrived in some moments,
But dimmed in the most remote and stark areas of the tunnels.
She was moving towards the warmth again.


The soil shifted one day, and despite her captor trying to stop her,
She blossomed through it like a flower in the corroded snow.
Her lungs burst open, dust flying forth in puffs of black.
She had travelled so much farther than the land of bones she had once called home,
And resided once again in the hands of gilded light.


She still sees the spider crawling past her boundaries of fire,
But she has not let his venom cascade over the paradise she has designed.
Her life is still marked by the night, but in beautiful ways.
She visits the graveyard to pay her respects,
But has left her past hidden underneath the burnished stones.

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