October 26, 2017
By Simran Kakkar SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
Simran Kakkar SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
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numbers and letters,
were not designed,
to be placed in a calibrated sequence,
or the same line.
numbers and letters,
separate entities of their own world
were meant to be read,
meant to be count,
but never to be combined,
to form one final,
numbers and letters,
enemies drifted apart,
join in an alliance,
to cause pain,
to cause anguish,
to all who face the battle,
and attempt to figure out,
that final amount.
that final amount,
which is
so obscurely hidden,
so desperate to be solved,
the answer is dissolved,
the answer,
a number so lost,
a number so distressed,
a number so infallible,
and apparently it makes sense,
it’s algebra.

The author's comments:

“my inexplicable hatred for math.”

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