What Goes Through Your Head?

By , Staten Island, NY

What goes through your head

When you look at me like that?

Are you trying to prove something to me,

Antagonize me, or break me down?

I already know you don’t feel the same

And I’ve learned to accept that.

So why do you gaze at me

With your curious amber eyes

Every day

As if I am oblivious?


What goes through your heart

When someone mentions my name to you?

Does it race,

Or perhaps just skip a beat?

Is that why you always look at me

While you’re talking to your friends?

Do you like me as a person

Just not in a romantic way?

I know how my heart reacts

But I know not of yours.


What goes through your head

When you catch me looking at you?

We haven’t spoken in forever

But words used to come easy to us.

But alas, there is no us;

Only you



Separated, living in different worlds.

But when our eyes meet-

Why were you staring at me in the first place?

Are you staring out of regret and what you gave up

Or shaking your head that a girl like me

Would ever fall for you?

Oh, if only I knew

What goes through your head.

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