The Autistic Man

October 17, 2017

No one considers
The plight of man
The autistic man
Cunning but curious
At the things he must do
To feel such emotion
Power and powerlessness
In the palm on control
He never knew
We grow up as outcasts
Because we don’t know
How to play
Special interests dominate
What we think, do
And say
Selfish we must be
To put out of our minds
Except for this magical thing
We cannot seem
To do without
Our posture is funny
As is our fashion sense
The way we hold our hands
Or stare into the crowds

We may be silent
But in ignorance of our presence
Breaking normality
We speak loud
Growing up takes a toll
No friends in school
Or very, very few
Unable to be ourselves
Or else attacked
By you
Who don’t recognize
The beauty
In neurological difference
The possibility
With our magic
Exponentially endless
But we keep it locked away
Hoping to survive
Another day
Before you discover us
And the mask
Is stripped away
Love is equally understood
But not in finding another
Who thinks the same
Frightened by bare honesty
Ashamed by difference
And brain washed by culture
That they need a strong
Out going man
They ignore us
Laugh at our advances
I see these things
And know them
Because I lived them too
I will never be accepted
By the majority of you
Consider the plight
Of the autistic man
And ask yourself
If all there is to one
Is what you see
How can you ever accept
The infinity
That will set all beings fee
I don’t know what the world
Will to do us
I don’t know if you will ever
Have what we want
But through this poem
Being read by you
No longer can you say
I never knew

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