The girl from both sides

September 28, 2017
By Anonymous

I sat on my own, curled up in a chair at the school library, watching.

These people were different people. Different from me. Football players and popular girls bundled up in one big living stereotype.

There stood her, barely 5 foot, laughing her ironic laugh, careless as to anything else.

One could wonder their conversations, the ones I would never know. I was a social outcast, if nothing else, but only to them.

To me I could be me, the me who do anything, the me that could be liked by someone. But was that even me?

In reality I'm the one sitting here, watching them like a hawk, babbling in my mind.

But she, she was strong. She was a real person. I stayed here, in the non-existence.

The catch is, she could change. She, on a daily basis, could switch between sides like an unstoppable warrior.

An admirable quality for an non admirable type of person. It's like a war throughout myself.

One who could be your best friend, your worst enemy, and everything in between. She was the girl from both sides.

Then, like a smack to the face, I was pushed back to reality. The bell rang and her friends were gone.

She walked out my way instead, and finally took a seat right next to mine. Like that, a conversation was sparked up.

She was my friend this time. She came to my side, the no reality, no existence side.

She shattered the barrier for me. She made me wonder, could this line that separates these realms ever go away?

No. The line will always be there. And she will always be the good, and the bad.

She was the light, and the dark.

She was the hero, and the villain.

She was the girl from both sides.

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