So you want to fall in love?

September 24, 2017
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If love does not flow out of of you from the moment you look into their eyes,
Do not do it.
If your feelings for them do not bring you to the verge of tears,
Do not do it.
If you know you wouldn’t bring them the sun and they wouldn’t bring you the moon,
Do not do it.
If it is hard work just to keep your worlds together,
Do not do it.
If you can not step out of your comfort zone to be with them,
Do not do it.
If you would not buy them ice cream because they are having a terrible day,
Do not do it.
If you’re doing it because you are lonely,
If you’re doing it because you just want to be in a relationship,
You shouldn’t…
Unless you can’t help falling even deeper into love with them when they ask “Do you want fries with that?”
Unless they are the light in your ever expanding darkness.
Unless they mean the world to you and you to them.
Unless you cannot stand the separation of the warmth of their body from yours.

When it is finally time to utters those ever so important words,
You will know.
Love will happen when it must happen,
Do not forget this.
And if you find it in the right person it will stay.

Do not be like so many unhappy people in this world.
Do not end up like so many thousands of people who say they are
Do not end up hurting someone in the end.
Because then we just end up with more of the same.

There has never been another way to fall in love,

And there never will be.

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