Cry for help

September 23, 2017
By Abby-Rose PLATINUM, Birch River, West Virginia
Abby-Rose PLATINUM, Birch River, West Virginia
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Hold On Pain Ends

Trembling alone buried under torn golden locks
Cries a broken little girl posing as an adult
She looks to the sky with worn, tear filled eyes
Wondering why her creator wished her such demise
What did I do? she curses up above
To deserve such hate when all I've given you was love
Why do you decide to punish me so?
Are you beating me down so I'll let go?
So I'll give up my strength and leave everything behind
So I'll give up hope and pretending that I'm fine
My faith has never been so low, please just give me a sign
That someday this will be over and happiness will be mine
For now I am broken Lord and I need your healing hand
So my legs and my mind will no longer tremble when I try to stand
I'm begging you please reply to my cry for help
I can't do this on my own, because I don't trust myself.

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