I’m a wooden pencil to you,

still useable but lame.

I’ve stuck around with you forever,

and yet that doesn't seem to matter.

Every opportunity to get a better pencil

you jump at.

Mechanical pencils appeal to you,

the popularity gets to your head.

They’re so much prettier you say,

don’t you think?

You go on and on

as to reasons why they’re better.

They’re plastic, they’re practical

and they make you so much cooler.

I don’t agree,

but you don’t care.

You argue I break under pressure,

and I say that it’s true.

But do you really want a fake pencil

who fragile lead snaps

every chance it gets?

It doesn’t matter now,

as you have already abandoned me.

The reasoning I don’t want,

because I simply do not care.


if everything fails

please don’t turn towards me,

because I'll simply snap on you

just like you abandoned me.

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