Worst of Me (#33)

September 25, 2017

Nothing is private
everyone knows
your side of the story
not mine
and because it’s you
they pity you,
pray over your struggle
and think the worst of me
because they don’t know
the full story
and I’m not allowed
to speak.


They think
I send nudes to boys
They think
I initiate dirty conversations
and lie about my experience
because I like to be thought
of as a sex object.


And why bother with the truth?


It can’t sink into the minds
of people who only possess
enough brain cells to process
the lies my families designated
“Gossip Girl”
can purr into the phone,
and here she is almost 40
and more a highschool student than I’ve ever been.


Congrats to you.
And an applause for everyone who fell for it.
If you are looking for a challenge
for your brains, comprehend this:


“I’m not a whore.”

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