Poetry Chose Me

August 27, 2017
By QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
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"Never let the fear striking out ,keep you from playing the game".
"You're perfect in your own way"

Some people ask me to stop writing
When I try to find out why they say because it's time wasting
They even go further to inquire how this thing gonna help me
After how many years I'll be known,with my skin color how I'm gonna step up the ground
Why do I let this crazy stuff takes away my reason
Will pen and paper be enough to take care of my son?
After this questionnaire I stepped back to see if I should respond
But to give an answer poetry stands as my weapon
With a stick I'm writing on cinders,eyes closed without remembering my skin color
I didn't choose to be a poet,poetry chose me
I didn't fall in love with pens, and paper,they fell in love with me
I'm not writing for vanity but im just trying to see if in some dark corner I can unify some candle to give clarity
I'm not taking the mic just to let people knows there's a girl name Crowndy but im trying to let them realize no matter black or white we form humanity
Poetry is my hobby but the way it supports me inspire me as my hubby
Im not running after wealth neither money,i just want my words make some echoes to those who're thirsty and hungry
I'm on apoetic table in front of a bowl full of pains and sorrow
I look at them disgustingly as vegetables then I hear the voice of those same people
Still asking the same stupid question why do u spend your time writting poetry?
Now I shake my head feel like saying mind your damn business but poetry says relax be kind
Then I say,i didn't even pay a little bit attention to poetry but it just cared about me
It knows how to make me laugh smile sorry and cry,when u people judge me wrong it makes me see that I'm right
It nominates me faithful when u see me as a hoe or a sl*t
It teaches me more than school,even how to respect a pornstar
I didn't choose Poetry,it chose me,i didn't even have a crush on words,it just falls in love with me
Not just a Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare play,after 12 years we're still tight,it gives me strength to face challenges
It allows me to take another chance when I fail its tests,it takes me to that stage where I would never dare take a chance to even step up
Make me feel equal no matter how segregated life seem to be
Make me just feel human when others trying to deal with racism
To u who still have questions listen
Ihave nothing to do with me being a poet because poetry chose me

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