What is Love?

September 4, 2017

What is love?

Is it held hands, late nights, and stolen kisses?
Or perhaps sweet proclamations and painful goodbyes,
Comparisons of sunsets to beauty and thorns to first fights.

What is love?

Is it first dates, bundled nerves, and butterflies in stomachs?
Maybe tangled limbs and burning passions,
Or instead a sweet kiss and a hug goodbye.

What is love?

Is love mascara-filled tears wiped clean?
Or maybe the hushed promises of better tomorrows,
Promises of protecting the oh so fragile heart.

What is love?

What about slamming doors and poison words?
The sting of a hand to a cheek with rushed apologies,
Or the bleeding of a heart after the fresh stitches are re-opened.

Is this love?

Oh, my darling, love comes with pain.
Sometimes it is sweet, but do not be fooled,
For not all stories play out as fairy tales.

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