A Christmas Wish

August 29, 2017
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Things have changed and so have I
Everything has ranged low to high
The year is now over, a new one about to begin
What I want most for christmas is nothing more than him.
He is so special, or so I may say
More valuable than a crystal, I want him today
He may be a dog, a deer, or a rat
But he is the one I want you to pull out of this hat
You can tell me no all that you want
Because I know that you are the kind of person to taunt
I honestly don’t care if he is here or if he is not
If I can at least talk to him,
My happiness would rise from my feet to my heart
This boy that I speak of is one of a kind
He is very polite and knows what to mind
So if I could ask just one little favor
I’d rather it be sooner, sooner than later
I ask just one question, one question I ask
Is if I could see him, just see him at last
And if i cannot, or the answer invalid
I’ll eat some more pudding, yes rather than salad
Please and thank you even if not
I will now close this letter with a heart and a dot.

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