The Dying of Colors

Blue is the color of the neverending sky,
So full of potential for the coming new day.
Blue is the color of her gleaming eyes,
And in their depths is a beautiful innocence.


But blue can turn to gray.


Red is the color of a rose’s bright bloom,
One full of promise and life.
Red is the color of her deep crimson lips,
Pulled back in a smile after she kisses you with great passion.


But red can turn to gray.


Yellow is the color of the ever so radiant sun,
Whose brilliant rays never fail to push the dark away.
Yellow is the color of the polish that coats her nails,
Because she claims the cheerfulness brings happiness to her days.


But yellow can turn to gray.


Gray is the darkness that sucks the color from her pores,
Leaving her as hollow and sunken in as a corpse.
It rots away the pure light of joy,
Until the smile on her lips is no more than the ghost of what once was.
Gray is the color of the girl you love wasting away,
And you are forced to accept the fake smiles she sends your way.


Can gray ever go away?


Colors fade, and we are left to wait,
Wondering when they will brighten again and restore our life.
Until then, we are left to pray,
That our very hearts don’t turn to gray.

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