Do You Care Yet?

August 27, 2017
By , Redmond, WA

People will say occasionally

That there is no hope for changing things

And that they care about the issues

Weeping crocodile tears into torn tissues

"But it's not like it happens to me,"

They'll explain mentally

"I'll just ignore it,"

They'll think guiltily

But if I told you

The pool of lies you submerge yourself in is false

All the cries for help you selfishly ignored are lost

Each word crawling from the pages

Begging to meet your eyes is the reality you choose to ignore

As you reach for your dumbing pills and numbing thrills

To gratify and bore

And when some triumph is made when you only say

"Oh, nice,"

You immerse yourself only in the sweet syrup of your own

Distraction and vice

And if I asked you

Do you care yet?

What would you say?

But if I told you about

The unarmed children murdered by the flight of lead bullets

In the starlit crimson streets

By the trigger happy hands of bronze badges

And institutional greed

And that the knots of shared heartstrings

Are pulled and twisted undone

Despite the hopeful insistance

And rampant resistance

Praying that love has won

That only rubble lies in the ruined graves of foreign cities

That a girl with a scarf wrapped around her head

Is demonized and never pitied

For the hatred she endures

The fates are cursing

And the world is turning backwards

Pleading and sobbing for your sympathy and decency

Yet you have no words

No aknowledgement for anything besides your own hurt

For that water where you swore there was sidewalk

As you stand on this scorching, dying earth

And if I asked you

Do you care yet?

What would you say?

You and me

We are the guilty masses who refuse to change

Drowning in our narcissism and shame

Until I tell you

That a weapon is aimed behind your back

You'll sip on your opiate refusal of fact

And this poem

These words on this paper page

Dissolving in your dirty hands underneath the acid rain

Each drop is an alternative fact seeping through your umbrella

Silent death carving spirals through your ignorant umbra

Grasping your wrists and waltzing with you

Snakeheaded Medusa replacing thought

With stony untruth

Between advertisements in the entertainment news

To fatten an exponentially expanding ego

Habitual mindless prejudice instilled by rote

And if I asked you

Do you care yet?

What would you say?

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