May I introduce myself

August 27, 2017
By QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
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"Never let the fear striking out ,keep you from playing the game".
"You're perfect in your own way"


no need to say it,i know for fact you don't know me

i'm not the most popular girl in school,

neither that beautiful girl who dates the most prestigious football player

i am not in the drama club,and I don't fit in the band,don't even expect more because they say i'm too fat to be a cheerleader

i am known at that little black girl with a nappy hair

not to everybody because for some people or most people i remain unnoticed

may I introduce myself,because i'm tired of being defined by the color of my skin

i'm not a nobody,and i know i have my place in this society

Yes,i might not be that cool,but don't treat me like a tool

defined me by the style of my hair doesn't make u none more than a fool

let me introduce myself,maybe after you'll stop judging the book by its cover

(thumbs up)

I'm that girl 21 years ago that has met the sun under a roof decorated with tears,miseries and poverty

born naturally,unwanted by my own daddy,grew up breathing the air of violences and profanity

let me introduce myself,i might not be the coolest,sexiest,or cutest

but i'm that kid who seats in the back corner and still got A on every test

the kid who believes that everyone is equal no matter their race and sex

that little girl with a heavy accent,but still not letting that stop her from making a difference

I'm that girl who falls in love with poetry,marries lyrics,and still cheats on all of those two with rap while i'm using art in its ensemble to seize the heart of  a man

i'm that girl who wears only her smile as make up,make everybody thinks that she's leaving a perfect life,while tears are bathing my pillows every night

i'm a highschool graduate witha  standard diploma,a full time job,a beautiful son,but still doesn't say that's enough ,instead thinking about going to college to get a degree and live a billionaire dream

stop giving me names tho,adjectives can't define me

let me introduce myself:''My name is Soffy,aka Crowndy"

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who are you?

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