That Guy

August 25, 2017
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The sun sparkles in his eyes

and there's all i need in his smile

oh damn i'm crushing on that guy

even though i know he'll never be mine

To be honest i'd rather have him like friends
because crush or not,i swear to stay loyal to my man

but damn,that guy basically stands as a challenge

not avoidable,but  damn only God know

you might wonder who that poem is about

and you might say will we ever go out

listen going out with him that's not what i want

i just want him to know that he's important to me

i just want to be his friend,all that feelings might be passive

that guy,i see beauty in his soul

his kindness that's what i'm crushing on tho

but i bet that he might not even know

you should say why i don't tell him

i feel that it's weird to tell a guy

i'm crushing on you,but can we be friends

man,that's crazy but not tell him

feels like prison

maybe i should just stand up and say

hey you,can we be friends?

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