Please open the cage

August 21, 2017
By QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
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So long i keep waiting on the day

the day where u finally open the cage

where i won't be beated with rage

and all i feel that's what i'll say

I'm so tired of being just one little black bird

without voice,without pride or freedom

where all i say to u sound wrong

eventhough all the words coming out are full of wisdom

i suffer so long,i think maybe

yea just maybe that chain can be broken even by pity

and that day,once again i'll start living


please open the cage 

you feed me with all that in your desires

while you ignore what my mental state requires

you pretend giving me freedom of speech

while if i say that you're nothing than a selfish being

you judge that i'm off limit,and u book me


Please open the cage

with no broken wings

i'm stuck in here 

stuck saying what you want to hear

stuck helping u refer to a color to describe me

stuck putting my own self down

stuck calling myself n***** and give all the respect sir


please open the cage

so much air i want to breathe

don't keep me cuffed and  pretend that u give me equality

if you do so,so why  my fellow brothers can't be treated with humanity


don't say a word.just open the cage

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