August 19, 2017

Between us is a war-
Beneath us is a battlefield-
Behind us is a history of loss-
Before us is a future dripping blood.
Our blood is painted on our cheeks,
Our scars are proof we fought at all.
Above us is eternity waiting-
Around us are people dying-
After us, more will suffer-
Ask us if we want to live.
Our hearts are tinged with guilt,
Our minds are chained by pain.
Delve into our choices a little longer-
Divide our needs to fit your wishes-
Dig a deeper trench so that we can-
Deem ourselves worthy of survival.
Our makeshift holes we hide inside,
Our broken limbs creak with every move.
Chase us all you want because we-
Can never truly stop running away.
Close the door behind us, we’ll still find a way to-
Crash into your barriers so we can live.
Our decisions make us who we are,
And we decided to fall prey to your war.

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