Night Dreaming Within

August 16, 2017
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Gemstone-like on the surface likely to be her letter, hopelessly bright lights blinded him right from reality, seemingly detestable. "Did you give your words away?" was asked silently, every unintentional twitch made sure to be clear enough. Knots in his throat made it difficult to express what truly was felt, he hoped she experienced so. As for their nonchalant heart, it knew they were one.

Hours would dismiss themselves, fidgeting wheter to defy time and hold on longer. However, the bright smile he wore faded within the memory of it, as he closed his eyes. Only to reveal her fragile fingers intertwined with his, in hesitation. Sweat running down his forehead triggering the self-consciousness in him. Nervousness used trickery into the thought of losing him beyond the shore of her love. 

They kept walking towards what seemed the bliss of it, her long brown hair pacing behind her which also kept brushing against his shoulder tickling slightly as he held back his smile which seemed to be a failure. The obscure aura they slowly raised kept growing thicker to the point of suffocation, yet they never once felt a thing. Holding on to the knife infinite to unceasing pain, soon enoygh bound to kill the off slowly.

He opened his fearfully, witnessing sadness creeping over unable to distinguish who they were, and she solely became.

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