Rainbows After Rain

August 8, 2017
By AllenAvanesian SILVER, Montrose, California
AllenAvanesian SILVER, Montrose, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Your heart's desire is to be told some mystery. The mystery is that there is no mystery." —Cormac McCarthy

As the sky opens up
My eyes watch, bedazzled
As rainclouds disappear
Vaporized forever
As true rainbows form
Arching across the plains
Filling me with hope
And drowning all my fears
About a life not well-lived
And a life that was forgotten
But I must not go seeking treasure
For today I have struck gold

The author's comments:

I was struck by the hopeful symbolism of rainbows in nature, so I wrote this poem to capture the euphoria of seeing a rainbow.

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