August 8, 2017
By Simran Kakkar SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
Simran Kakkar SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
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black in the sky, with small sprinkles of light that shine,
and create inexplicable rays of glorious
scatter amidst the darkness of the night that surrounds them.

because even though the darkness of the night overwhelms those tiny rays of light, the stars still found purpose
to light up the sky
and bring a sentiment of hope to all who seek it in the blackness over the dark abyss.
that dark abyss we call "earth", home.

that dark abyss where the entire human race races to escape its darkness,
and rise to the top,
to declare victory - utter happiness,
and when they do reach its peak,
they can thank those rays of light, those rays of hope
that guided them

to perpetual serenity.

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