Growing into Death

August 4, 2017
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The little boy and his betrothed scoured the forest

The pair seeking adventure

They looked high and low

And found only The Monster

The Monster faced the little boy

Screeching in his face he said

"Bewitched are those who face my breath"

The little boy puffed his chest


His fiance cowered behind the boy

She shivered and cried

She wanted to live

But loved the boy more

She pushed him aside  

The Monster chuckled deeply

"Silly, foolish girl"

"No", she said, "There is strength in leaving"


She was taken leaving the boy speechless

He had not wanted her gone

He had love the little girl

And her sacrifice was useless

The boy grew into a man

His lonely heart wavering

Without a wife he could not bear his savior

So he went without saving


The boy grew mad

Pain, an old friend

He was wasted in thought

Never escaping his mind

The girl grew to become a woman

She fell for The Monster

She had bore her three blessed warriors

They were to grow and become the scary monster's own


The woman grew everyday

Watching her children flourish

Into the wretched Monsters of her lover

She watched her world crumble

The Man pushed the silver

Reopening past intentions

Who knew young love

Could turn blue to red


The woman closed her eyes

Full to her neck

Having eaten the berries

That were the cause of her last meal

The man and the woman crossed paths

The meeting weary and uncertain

The intention made clear

Death is the true savior

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