M. C. Escher's Doves

July 23, 2017
By AllenAvanesian SILVER, Montrose, California
AllenAvanesian SILVER, Montrose, California
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"Your heart's desire is to be told some mystery. The mystery is that there is no mystery." —Cormac McCarthy

I broke my heart on the barren stone

Left it bleeding in the ivy leaves

Stood there as the rain started dripping

Washing all the blood down the grey rock slopes

Falling down through the swirling currents


As the blanket of night envelopes me

I watch me get carried away to sea

I heard how you lost yours in the storm

I'd like to find you at the black tavern

To slip together beneath the hazy warmth

Of the amber drink, the soul and spirit

Intertwining like chandelier

Like black and white leather gloves

Like M. C. Escher's doves

The author's comments:

Often, when I am feeling dark or melancholy, my emotions pour out of me in the form of poetry. This is one of my poems created in that emotional time, (a brewing ground for great writing). In this poem, I weave together a nighttime painting of melancholy, romanticism and hope in equal measures. 

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