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July 22, 2017
By CrimsonbutterflyA SILVER, Burney, California
CrimsonbutterflyA SILVER, Burney, California
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Somebody once told me,

"Life's too short to worry about the little things"

but I never really understood

what constituted as


sure, spilled milk is nothing to throw a fit over

and maybe my hair color isn't imperative to the survival of the human race,

but I can't remember when the goal

stopped being to "Have fun"


started being to "Survive"

I couldn't find

that fine line that separated


and adult,

spilled milk

and taxes

I just knew

that as I grew

"Life's too short to worry about little things"

turned into

"You never stop to appreciate the little things, you're wasting what little life you have"

and that baffled me further

when we're young,

we're told we have no life

and no worries

we're told to live carefreely

just as children should

but when we get older

we're told we're wasting our life

and our time

we're told we have too many worries

and no time for mucking around

but when did that time start

and when will it stop?

somebody once told me,

"Life ends"

and I know it does

I just don't know

when it was supposed to begin

who was supposed to tell me that?

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