You're Such a Girl

By , Melbourne, Australia

'You're such a girl!'
You say that like it still means something.
Like after 195,000 years of walking by your side,
195,000 years of making life,
of sharing the earth,
195,000 years of death and birth,
That I am not your equal.
Difference is weakness, you say,
Such is the maxim of man.
You tried to make it true, didn't you?
Tried to force me into 195,000 moulds,
Stifle 195,000 cries,
Steal 195,000 votes.
First, you said I was immoral, the blackened root.
It was I who plucked the forbidden fruit,
I who corrupted you.
Then you said I was weak,
Too weak to govern, to work, to own,
Too weak to think for myself.
Now you say I am fickle,
Too volatile to hold my own in your domain,
I might erupt with children any moment, you say.
But the truth is, I am just like you.
And I think you know it by now.
So how you dared to surpress 195,000 voices,
How you dared to covet 195,000 bodies,
How you dared to claim 195,000 minds,
How you dared to place 195,000 labels,
I cannot fathom.
How you dare to use my body to flay your goods,
How you dare to pay me less than I deserve,
How you dare to call me a girl and expect it to hurt,
I cannot fathom.
Because you know by now,
I am not meek, I am powerful.
I am not feeble, I am strong.
I am not voiceless, for I speak with 195,000 tongues.
I am not a womb, I am a person.
I am not an ornament, I am a person.
I am not an enigma, I am a person.
Just like you, I am a person.
I am just like you.
And now, I will look you in the face 195,000th time,
And I will say:
'I am a girl.'

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ZoeStro This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 9 at 1:02 pm
This is amazing I have goosebumps
Person-No.-6,352,463,221 replied...
Aug. 20 at 4:10 am
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I had a of read your wonderful piece 'Shadows' - it was so beautiful and transportive. I was really impressed, so this feedback means a lot, thanks!
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