July 13, 2017
By , Melbourne, Australia

We emerge from darkness.
And spread out before us is the living city.
Illmuniated and throbbing,
Radiant and serene.
Columns of twinkling gold that sprinkle the gloom,
Green pools of turf bloom,
Under tiny suns.
And it is so minute and distant,
Yet it sprawls across our vista  in luminescent tentacles,
Like a benevolent sea creature,
As it revels in bioluminescence.
It is alive.
I never knew that an artificial cluster of bulbs,
Arrayed as a city,
Could look so organic.
It pulsates as headlights glide down halogen conduits,
The veins of a beating heart.
And sparkling membranes house pools of shadow.
It is boundless, yet infinitely tranquil.
Fireworks playing out in slow motion.
A constellaton ordered by some cosmic hand,
Stars sprouting, not in the heavens, but from the earth.
And as we spiral down into its embrace,
And the lights grow large and sparse,
We are swallowed by the metropolis of stars.
We become its flesh, and light up lamps of our own.

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