Our Great Possession

By , Melbourne, Australia
I wonder, what possesses us to do as we do?
We are too caught up in our own story, we cannot tear our thoughts away...
The world is here to serve us, we say.
To provide for us, to shelter us, to always give, give, give...
To die for us.

Like a benevolent parent, we say, the earth gave rise to us,
Gave lips and hands and eyes to us.
Gifted the seas and skies to us,
That is what we say.
Years ago, it was thought that we lay at the center of the universe,
We know better now, of course.

Still we are entitled, we say,
to that universe.
Still we chop and burn and poison,
To fill those ever hungrier lips.
Still we spread our reach and ruin,
With our never tiring hands.
Still blind are our eyes, to our weeping earth.

And we fill those seas, our seas we say,
With mercury and plastic water bottles.
And we fill those skies, our skies we say,
With hate and heat and fumes.
And we fill those forests, our forests we say,
with suburbs and shopping complexes.
And we fill those creatures, our creatures we say, 
with little pieces of debris.

And we spit and tred on eachother in the process.
And we continue to take, take, take...
Because the earth is ours, we say,
Ours to break, break, break,
if we so wish.
And the plants and beasts and birds and fish,
They have no claim on the earth,
After all, are they not ours too?

And the stars, which are meant to remind us just how small we are,
We have lost them in our smoke,
As we have lost the earth in our own image.
May we never decide we own the stars.

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