The Boy One House Down

July 9, 2017

Whisked away from my old life,

The February of first grade.

Plopped into a house three towns south

Of the place I used to live.


'A better school district,' I heard,

Through the thin walls of the town house.

'We have enough to buy a home,

One that will only be our own.'


Taken to the neighbors' houses,

Just to say 'hi'.

There lived an old man on the left,

And a young woman on the right.


Past the woman's house

Was a family of four.

A man, a woman, a little girl,

And a boy in my grade.


We never past the boundary

Of aquaintances, maybe we were friends at a time,

And the years passed,

Until we entered middle school.


He, having become quite popular,

Got a girlfriend in the awkward year

Of sixth grade.

I couldn't help but wonder

Why I was feeling so jealous.


Perhaps things would have

Been different if I had moved 

into the young woman's house



Maybe we would've had

The classic boy/girl next door


Perhaps have been




But life is full of

'What-ifs' anyway.

And it is still early in life,

Maybe there is still hope

For the classic over-the-fence couple.


Maybe there's still time.

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