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It rained tonight and I didn't know it
I was too busy drowning
My lungs filled with smoke
But it's alright, isn't it?
We're always inhaling something
People get claustrophobic when they realize
There's no such thing as empty air
Because we're surrounded by things
We can't see.

Someone died tonight and I didn't know
Until the next morning
A young, fresh face
Marred by desperation
So much going for her, they said
Why would she do it?
Do we blame it all
On a rush of blood to the head?
People get scared when they realize
Life is what happens
When you're busy making other plans.

The world met the sun tonight and I forgot about it
I sat alone and forgot the ball had dropped
And I could start over again
So I continued with the old
And turned back time so it was new
Like Superman
Maybe next year? I say
But next year is too long away
I'm slipping to fast to keep up.

The lights in my room went out and I never guessed
It would be my eyes shutting tight
My body shutting down
"Closed for Repairs" my brain said
I fell into a coma, and, for once, I knew
That I'd gone too far
That the toxins inside me
Had eaten their way out
My sorrow, my anguish, my agony
Had leaked out and broken me
I had given out, and the lights stayed out
"Out of Business" my brain said.

I had faded away and I didn't know
HOW it happened
HOW gradually I had gone
HOW I couldn't stop it
I could answer all the questions but one
And I didn't know
HOW it would end me.

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