something happened

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he came
shook and strangled
my door
heaved and hulled
on the doorknob
until the lock
couldn't take the pressure
and gave up

he left
a pile of sediment
and the torn up
from the door
that couldn't
it was
as reminants
as a
of the damage
he left behind

and where it all began.

he had
no key
no warrant
no admission
no authorization
to break into
my sanctuary

but there he laid himself
on my property
and made himself

he grabbed
the soul
of my home
the fire that warmed
my flesh
that gave me a sense
of protection

he grabbed
the memories
I stored in those
picture frames
and shattered them
divulging my history...
my declarations

he dug
his fingers
and penetrated them
deep into
my ground
my foundation

and left a pile of dust.

he threw it
claimed it
stole what
was mine

for himself.

he pulled
and out...
and slower...

taking anything
his masculine hands
could capture
stole my love
my soul
my sense
my thoughts...

and made it his own

he came in

without a key

he left

and took my life away from me.

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