June 22, 2017
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... and will never forget how the rain left us stained.
It's midnight and we promise
to never forget the sight that left us pained,
but that promise will be forgotten when we're old and depending on cane.

Its homecoming, and your leaving for the big game but,
we keep thinking how things still haven't been the same.
We blame each other to no end,
cause our hearts seem tohave no tame.

Its prom, and the punch is bitter,
your the king as the music sings, you dance while I keep my stance, for away for you and your queen.

Its graduation and you can't look me in the eyes;
your afraid, probably think I'll cry.
But instead I sigh and hug you goodbye,
because this will be the last time,
I'll ever call you mine.
It's starts to rain and we stare at each other
and laugh neither of us sain, and I like to think,
we never forgotten how the rain left us stained.

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