The Demon

June 15, 2017
My screams are hidden behind-
A clenched fist against my mouth.
The trembling in my palms-
Are concealed in empty pockets.
I wake drenched in my own sweat,
Every nightmare is a piece of reality.
I'm swallowed whole by my own choices-
My lips are bloody from biting them.
A collection of bruises are the painting-
Coloring my neck with a thousand secrets.
I can't speak the truth I'm suffering-
Because if I did you'd suffer too.
My tongue is cut from where I bit down-
When you asked me to stop talking.
My heart is aching from when you trampled it,
But you told me you were healing it.
I can't hold up my head any longer-
Because if I did I'd be forced to face my demons.
You're the demon I never fought-
Because when I tried you shut my mouth.
When I tried to free myself of your chains,
You added another cuff that dug into my wrists.
I'm bound to you and hate you,
I could be free of you but I can't let go.
You're a demon of my own design-
A monster I fell in love with.
I slam my fists against a wall,
Watching my knuckles bleed from the blow.
You lick the blood I spill as if it were a meal-
And you're a ravenous animal.
You're hungry for my attention,
And I'm starving for your love.
You're the demon I couldn't kill,
The demon that caged my soul.

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