Burning Palm Trees

May 24, 2017
By AlphaGoose PLATINUM, Corpus Christi, Texas
AlphaGoose PLATINUM, Corpus Christi, Texas
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"You grew flowers in my lungs and even though they're beautiful, I cannot breathe."

Scorching heat

Melting 99 cent plastic flip-flops

Burning Ray Ban shades

Smoking skimpy bikinis

Fiery white-bleached sand with salty waters


Where have all of the beach balls gone?


Popped and clogging up my raw throat, like dry pollution


Where has summer gone?


The beaches have run dry with drowned sandcastles

The parks have screamed brown and the crinkly yellow of stained teeth


The movies have whined with unfinished credits and blue screens of breathing scripts


The carnivals have quited with run-down ferris wheels and blood-stained rust on loose screws


The summer days are over


Swimming tic-tacs

Floating change

Drowning sunflowers

With a hint of burning palm tress for a little spice

The author's comments:

I don't really know how I got this idea. I just randomly thought of how it would be if summer break didn't turn out the way we expected, and this was the result. 

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